CNet has something of a puff piece that, nontheless, sheds some light on how Firefox has been reinventing itself over the past year or so.

The message isn’t subtle: Firefox 57, a massive overhaul due November 14, is ready for battle. Its main rival is Google’s Chrome, which accounts for 54 percent of browser usage today as measured by webpage visits using PCs, tablets and phones. Apple’s Safari has 14 percent, while Firefox has 6 percent, according to analytics firm StatCounter. Chrome lured tens of thousands of us away from Firefox after it debuted in 2008.

But Firefox 57 could be the version that gets you thinking about returning — and maybe about saving the web, too. Mozilla began testing Firefox 57 on Wednesday, the culmination of more than a year of engineering work.

Every time I’ve used Firefox over the past few months, it’s felt dramatically faster and more polished. I’m really excited for the upcoming release of Firefox 57 and likely to start using it as my primary browser again.

Mozilla as an organisation is not without its faults, and in past years it’s felt like they lost a lot of focus. Firefox OS was, in hindsight, a huge distraction that ultimately left Firefox The Browser to languish and lose many of its users to Cheome. But Firefox has always gene the browser I want to use, in large part to Mozilla’s non profit nature and political agenda, and their recent efforts mean that maybe some day soon, I’ll be able to without feeling like I’m getting an inferior user experience.