I’m Rhys Powell, an extremely online guy from Wollongong, Australia. Since my uni days, I’ve built a bunch of iOS apps you’ve probably deleted off your phone at some point, most recently as part of the team at my wonderful employer Bilue. In more recent times, I’ve picked up modern JavaScript, along with React and Redux and found a lot to like about that software stack. On my own time, I also enjoy toying around with Elixir, messing around with cloud infrastructure, and voraciously reading about as many new and interesting topics as I can.

I’m passionate about writing software that’s well designed, elegantly engineered, and built to last. I think learning how to write good software involves being open-minded to new approaches, constantly seeking out new ideas, and applying that knowledge with pragmatism and restraint. It also involves recognising software is never done, that good software engineering extends beyond just writing code, and that it’s important to recognise the social, collaborative nature of software development to deliver the best product.

Outside of software development, I love watching old movies and TV shows, playing esoteric indie games, and listening to a dizzyingly vast array of musical genres. I try to seek out and understand things I’m unfamiliar, to expand my ideas of what’s “for me”, and appreciate perspectives other than my own. That said, I also love to sit down and watch goofy-ass giant robot anime from the 80s from time to time as well; I know my comfort food.

A Brief History of The Author