The year is 1997. You used to be a hacker, but now you have the phage. You made a deal: one hack, one dose. There’s nothing left to lose… except your life.

The Zachtronics house style of puzzle game design is something I have an intense fondness for. Where other puzzle games tend to be about finding the one correct solution to a tightly designed puzzle, Zachtronics games are more about coming up with your own solution to open-ended problems within a deliberately constrained possibility space.

Opus Magnum, Zachtronics’ previous release, ended up being one of my favourite games of last year, so I really can’t wait to get my hands on their new game, EXAPUNKS, which mixes their signature style of game design with a whole bunch of cyberpunk nonsense. It’s hard to think of another game that feels like it’s been designed so deliberately for my specific tastes.